Thursday, November 13, 2014

CD Party at Batesville Market December 13th!

Please come out and help us celebrate the completion of our 3rd and newest recording, Crow Soup and Other Roadside Delicacies, Made Easy. This recording consists of all new material, predominantly original and a couple favorites by Tommy Johnson and Papa Charlie Jackson. It also features our newly crafted "Slap Daddy" percussion on a stick, and Barry Slayton on Tuba. We also found this cool Farfisa organ in the recording studio.......

One of our songs "In The Cool of the Evening" is part of the soundtrack "Living From The Hat", a documentary about The Sprockets circus family who travelled the world and lived from the proceeds by passing the hat, produced by Diederick Fokker. Exciting, right?

...and all this at the Batesville Market, our new old favorite place to play with all new great owners, food and drink. It has wood floors. We're pretty sure that this is going to be fun.

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